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Dulceria Candle Supply began as a humble candle company in the spring of 2019 in St.Petersburg, Florida. As twin sisters, we always dreamt of owning a business together, so we started our journey like any other candle company, gathering all of the basic supplies needed, and almost exactly on the date of the launch, word of the pandemic had began to spread through the US. It was a devastating circumstance, however we pushed through. After the pandemic, supplies were scarce, and purely born of necessity, we developed a prototype for a wooden candle lid. Till today, ALL of our custom products are crafted right here in our small city, with our own two hands using locally sourced materials from other family owned businesses. Since our launch of our custom lids, we have grown to other candle supplies such as vessels, spray bottles, and soon to be other helpful products! We are also very proudly the moms of two adorable little boys. We love everything that we do and completely commit ourselves to every job that has been assigned to us, and when you use Dulceria Candle Supply, you will see the difference! 

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