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  • Where do I upload my logo???
    You may upload your logo on the THANK YOU PAGE/ORDER CONFIRMATION PAGE after you place your order. You will not be able to upload your logo before that. In addition, you can use a link which will be included in your confirmation email, AND you are always welcome to email your image to us directly if you have any issues :)
  • What type of wood do you use?
    All of our products are made with 5.22mm Baltic birch. It is finish grade and is sourced locally and sustainably.
  • Are your lids printed?
    No. Our lids are not printed with ink or sublimation in any way. They are engraved which is a process of removing material via laser. This technique although beautiful and very effective, can also sometimes be slightly inconsistent due to the fact that wood burns differently based on several factors such as dryness of wood, hardness of wood and moisture content. To elaborate further, when you see our walnut or ebony lids that are engraved, you are not seeing white ink. You are seeing the natural birch underneath. Therefore, colors of engraving can vary slightly. we do NOT consider any differences in engraving to be a defect, and will NOT refund, or re-make lids based on these factors. In addition, we do not engrave in any sort of color, it is a simple laser engraving.
  • What finishes do you offer?
    We currently offer unfinished, pecan, walnut, ebony, MDF board, and our newest finish, GOLD MDF.
  • What finish engraves best?
    Unfinished will always engrave the best. We strive to achieve the most legible engravings on stained wood however please note that on stained wood it is imperative that your logo is of extremely high quality and high definition. Also, tiny font can be hard to read as well so please keep that in mind.
  • I have larger wood grain in my lid than my previous order?
    As we use a 100% natural wood base as our medium, we can NEVER nor will we ever guarantee a perfect finish. We do not treat the wood, sand it, nor do we finish it with anything after it is engraved. Things like wood grain are out of our control however we always try to choose sheets of wood that are as consistent with texture as possible.
  • My color/engraving is different than last time, why?
    Because we use a natural and untreated wood medium, stain will always penetrate it differently from one sheet to the next, and every piece wood will vary as well. We strive to get the colors and engraving as similar as possible but unfortunately can never guarantee that these aspects will be identical from one product to the next. We do not consider these nuances to be defects nor will we refund, or remake your order based on this.
  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?
    We do not accept returns or exchanges on any product. For this purpose we have included a sample lid listing in which you can get a sample lid of your choosing to verify your final engraving and/or make sure that the fit is precise. At this time any adjustments can be requested to ensure your SAMPLE will fit correctly, and we are always happy to help! For fragrance oils, we also offer 2 oz samples for you to smell, and test, before committing to a bigger bottle.
  • Do you send some form of a proof before you begin production?
    No. For the sake of keeping our prices extremely affordable, we simply utilize the image uploaded and engrave it to the best of our artistic ability. However, if you DO wish to have a proof (digital mockup photo) sent to you, please attach a note to your order that you want a proof. We are happy to do this for you!
  • Why are your lids so affordable?
    At Dulceria, we have zero middle man involved in our production. All of our customized items are hand made by us, processed by us, packaged by us, and shipped by us. We charge zero setup fees as we are highly skilled in the software for us and find most setup fees are unnecessary. Once you see the quality of your product, we KNOW you will be back for more! With over 2,000 satisfied customers, we pride ourself on creating the best quality product we can at a price that anyone can afford!
  • What is your turn around time?
    Please refer to the top of our website header to see our most current turn around time. We strive to get most orders out as expeditiously as possible. However, keep in mind everything is cut TO ORDER! :)
  • I just placed my custom lid order and it is unengraved and unfinished. Does that mean it will ship right away?
    No. Unfortunately complexity of order does NOT speed up our processing times. All orders are cut and prepared TO ORDER and are placed in a que. Our processing times will always be displayed in our website header/banner. This does not include shipping times. If you do need something quickly, PLEASE use the chat feature or email us as soon as possible to see if we can accommodate your request. Unfortunately not all requests for expedited custom orders can be honored but we will always try our best.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    At this time we do not.
  • Will my logo engrave well? Where is the logo upload button?
    Great question! Generally speaking logos that will engrave well tend to be ones that are not watercolor, grayscale, layered or photographic in nature. The image/design will have clear and defined edges and be of the highest resolution. We are able to accept PDF and JPEG documents into our content manager but PNGs or SVG files will have to be emailed. If you wish to get an idea of what your might looked like engraved, you can use this tool below to convert your image to a threshold (which is what would be engraved. Please keep in mind that the threshold tool is simply a mockup and not a definitive representation of how your logo will engrave. You are MORE than welcome to use our chat feature to ask us if you have any questions or concerns about your logo, we are happy to evaluate your logo and let you know! The LOGO UPLOAD BUTTON is only available after checkout on the THANK YOU page after checkout.
  • I ordered customized items with my in stock items. How long will it be until it ships?
    In order to save on shipping, if you ordered customized items (engraved lids, plain lids, sample lids, vendor displays, freshies) along with in stock items (wax, oils, wicks, vessels) we will always attempt to ship everything TOGETHER and at the SAME TIME. If you need your in stock items right away, we highly recommend that you place two separate orders.
  • The vessel that I currently use is not listed; can you make lids for it?
    We are currently not accepting new vessels for lid fitment.
  • I have lids from another company, can you engrave them?
    NO. We do NOT engrave lids that we did not make ourselves.
  • My gaskets on my lids are not perfectly centered. Why is that?
    Every single lid that we create is hand made. From the cutting of our wood, to the staining of each sheet. Well the laser does the engraving! But everything else is us. That also includes our gaskets. Hand made products are just that; handmade! They are perfectly imperfect, yet made with allot of love <3 if this is not for you, we always have samples available for purchase so you can try them out before purchasing a bigger quantity.


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