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A note about engraving darkness

Here at Dulceria Creations, we pride ourselves first and foremost on honesty and transparency. As written within our Terms & Conditions at checkout, sometimes engraving darkness can vary depending on the batches of the wood we get. To elaborate, every batch of wood is different than the last, and no two sheets are exactly alike. In fact, sometimes one sheet of wood will be slightly inconsistent from one side to the other. In our most recent batch of wood, the engravings on our PECAN color have been inconsistent and not as dark as they generally are. This is usually due to moisture content of wood. As much as we try, this is the inevitable part of our business that we have learned to accept and the best we can do is simply be straightforward with you, our amazing and loyal customers. So please take note when ordering our pecan shade, that the engraving may not be as dark as in the product photos but we will always try our best to get as dark as we can! Thank you kindly for your sincere understanding and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 

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